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    SEG 2018

    Geoscientists from more than 70 countries across the globe will connect in Anaheim to discuss the common threads of geop…
    • Location: California, U.S.A.
    • Venue: Anaheim Convention Center
    • Booth Number: 1451
    • SEG Website
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    Third quarter report 2018

    Polarcus will publish its financial report at 07:00 CET followed by a webcast and conference call hosted by CEO Duncan E…
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    Africa Oil Week 2018

    Africa Oil Week is the meeting place for Africa’s upstream oil and gas market. The event brings together governments, na…
    • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
    • Venue: Cape Town International Convention Centre
    • Booth Number: 64
    • Africa Oil Week Website
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Polarcus XArray™


Polarcus XArray™ is an innovative acquisition configuration developed by Polarcus to deliver superior data quality and make full use of today’s larger streamer spreads. XArray™ improves both in-line shots by 100% - 250% and cross-line bin density by up to 400% on any streamer separation and can therefore be tailored to provide higher fold data, increase cross line sampling and/or improve acquisition efficiency.

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Polarcus shares (OSE:PLCS) have been listed on Oslo Børs with the ticker symbol PLCS since 20 June 2012.


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