COVID-19 response

In this together

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted all aspects of life throughout most of the world, and the energy sector is no exception.

Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of all those who work for and with Polarcus, maintaining business continuity, and fulfilling the company’s ‘global citizen’ responsibilities remain our top priorities. Polarcus has been working proactively with global medical provider International SOS, clients and suppliers, as well as peer groups and other stakeholders through the IAGC to respond appropriately to the challenges and risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has enabled the company to optimize its performance in an evolving industry backdrop and continue to deliver safe, reliable operations.

Our Priorities

Polarcus is monitoring developments closely across all operational jurisdictions onshore and offshore.  The company is allocating significant resources to support all personnel working in Polarcus operations and prioritizing their health and safety during this most challenging of times. In parallel, the company remains focused on delivering zero-harm in all ongoing operations across the globe. Maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with clients, Polarcus continues to mitigate COVID-19 related risks while also working hard to safely overcome obstacles in various jurisdictions to ensure business continuity.

The priorities of Polarcus during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all Polarcus People
  • Fulfill the company’s ‘global citizen’ responsibilities
  • Responsibly maintain business continuity

People Safety & Operational Integrity

Extensive health and safety measures have been implemented to mitigate risks for Polarcus employees whose work requires them to travel to specific locations including onboard Polarcus vessels. These measures include:

  • Regular health screenings prior, during and after travel;
  • Supply of sanitizers and masks; and
  • Implementing a set of preventative and mitigating isolation standards across the company (onshore and offshore).

In addition to increased sanitation efforts onboard all Polarcus vessels, measures such as restricted gym access and staggered meal breaks have also been implemented to reduce social interaction between the offshore population. Polarcus vessels have the capability to effectively isolate crew members if required. All vessels are equipped with advanced life support capabilities and medical emergency response capabilities.

Business Continuity

Polarcus is taking many steps to protect the health and safety of all Polarcus People. Office-based employees have received extensive IT support to ensure a seamless transition from traditional work in the office, through to every Polarcus employee working in remote-mode from their individual home locations in all offices around the world since early March 2020. Onshore teams are working hard to maintain business continuity by supporting offshore operations and the company’s global clients.

Finding solutions to these new challenges while maintaining the quality and integrity of service in the evolving global and industry setting is crucial. The company’s business continuity plans are constantly reviewed and updated in collaboration with clients, employees, contractors and medical partners within the framework of the Polarcus Pandemic Response Plan. This outlines the required management and mitigating actions dependent on the situation at hand.

Official guidance from governments and recognized health agencies remains the primary source of advice, in addition to the active collaboration with peer groups through the IAGC HSE committee that, together, help inform the company’s decision-making and planning processes.

All staff are supported and regularly updated through structured communications channels including bulletins and online engagement sessions from Polarcus executives and managers.

Polarcus also remains focused on the mental health implications of the necessary restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is rolling out regular initiatives to support the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.