Being Polarcus

Leading our industry, responsibly.



From the very beginning we set out to be the most environmentally responsible geophysical services provider. Today we have the youngest, most uniform, and greenest fleet of seismic vessels together with a proven global track record of responsible geophysical excellence.

Along the way, our vision, values and commitments have not only guided us, they have formed the fabric of our Polarcus culture. At Polarcus, we not only have written doctrine, we have belief. We believe that by Being Polarcus, staying true to our values, our commitments, each other, and to our shareholders, we can turn vision into reality as we continue to set precedent for environmental stewardship and challenge others in our industry to elevate their own.





Our Vision

To be a pioneer in an industry where the frontiers of seismic exploration are responsibly expanded without harm to our world.
To achieve this vision we are committed to being at the leading edge of maritime and technological innovation, and have set ourselves an ambitious environmental agenda that aims to minimize our environmental footprint through a combination of reduction, recycling and emissions indexing.
We have invested in the latest new-build vessel designs and the most technologically advanced seismic and navigation systems available today to ensure that our seismic fleet is one of the most modern and advanced fleets in the world, able to meet the current and projected future needs of the industry. We believe that our operations are amongst the cleanest in the offshore seismic industry, and capable of working in the broadest range of operating environments.

Our Values

One of our key strengths is our people. We are recruiting the highest talent into our company, and we are committed to implementing many of the latest industry lessons learned around crew welfare, health, safety, security, and general well-being so that we can protect and retain our workforce.
Our mission is to deliver superior performance and shareholder value in marine acquisition services whilst demonstrating leadership in environmental responsibility. Our core values are the foundation stone for achieving this goal, and we are seeking to build on these values by attracting the best industry talent to join us.



  • Environmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Ethical
  • Financial



  • RIGHT Solutions
  • Marine acquisition
  • Data processing
  • Service offering, delivery



  • Human capital
  • Geo-science
  • Operational
  • Commercial










2023 Strategy

Create superior value for our stakeholders through responsible marine acquisition services and geophysical solutions driven by innovation and industry collaboration.





Our Commitments


The Polarcus Commitments are the policy statements of the company. Our core values of responsibility, innovation, and excellence are reflected in the sixteen Polarcus Commitments, with signed copies posted at each Polarcus worksite and identical approved documents on the company intranet and management system. To ensure compliance with our Commitments we have developed procedures and manuals that provide the necessary reference, standards, and instructions for responsibility and accountability in performing daily tasks.


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Polarcus is a pioneer in the marine seismic exploration industry, responsibly expanding our operations without harm to our world. This practice is rooted in the Company’s core values of Responsibility, Innovation and Excellence. Our philosophy is communicated to our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

The Polarcus Management System describes the methodology by which we operate.
The Management System is based on OGP 510 encompassing the 4 basic fundamentals of Leadership, Managing Risk, Continual Improvement and Implementation together with 10 Elements in a Plan, Do, Check and Act process.  The Management System carries a hierarchic structure with Commitment and Accountability at the top, leading into the process flow encompassing our activities. 
The Polarcus organization is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 while also subscribing to the prestigious DNV Triple-E program, an Environmental and Energy Efficiency rating scheme for ships.




Explore Green™


The expansion of the industry into frontier and environmentally sensitive sea areas is today driving a much higher level of environmental compliance worldwide as new legislation on emissions to air and water are developed and introduced.

Our ultra-modern fleet, investments in green technologies within both marine and seismic, and our commitment to a pioneering environmental agenda will help our clients to work safely and efficiently within these constraints.


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Sustainability Reporting


We continuously strive to improve the sustainability of our operations through appropriate application of our policies and procedures on which we report in this document. Our first CSR report was published in 2014 and since then we have committed to publish our CSR contribution annually in order to outline our business impact on the industry and the world around us. Our 2018 Sustainability Report has been has been produced in accordance with the GRI standards: “Core Option”, in an effort to maintain and continually improve transparency in our reporting.