Our Commitments

We live our values through our Commitments


The Polarcus Commitments are the policy statements of the Company.

Our core values of Responsibility, Innovation, and Excellence are reflected in the seven Polarcus Commitments. Copies signed by our CEO are posted at each worksite and published as part of our Management System on the company intranet.

To support meeting Our Commitments, we have developed a management system that provides the necessary reference, standards, and instructions to enable responsibility and accountability in performing our daily activities.



Our Commitment to Business Ethics and Conflict of Interest

We carry ourselves to a high standard both personally and professionally and we must ensure our dealings are transparent above reproach

Our Commitment to a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

We operate with clear heads, without chemical or substance stimulus

Our Commitment to the Environment and Community

Everywhere we turn we see the damage inflicted to our earth through the years. We are totally committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, where and when we can, in every aspect of our organization

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

For ensuring the care and well-being of people in our business. We identify and manage risk in all aspects of our business and operations.

Our Commitment to Security

People feel safe and secure working for Polarcus. We equate our open door style of management to all issues so it is understood that all within the organization share the right and duty to discuss matters effecting our organization openly and without fear of reprisal

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is a foundation for generating value and improvement in our company

Our Commitment to Dignity at Work and Human Rights

We cooperate to maintain a workplace free of violence and disruptive behaviors and upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; it is a right and a duty we all share to not place ourselves or others in harm’s way.