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Our vision at Polarcus remains crystal clear despite the prolonged challenging market conditions throughout 2016: to be a pioneer in an industry where the frontiers of seismic exploration are responsibly expanded without harm to our world.

Polarcus was formed around three Core Values: Responsibility, Innovation and Excellence. These Core Values were born as the guiding principles of the Company at inception. They evolved into central attributes of a young and dynamic organization, responsible for attracting and retaining significant industry talent and putting Polarcus on the radar of our clients globally. Today these Core Values are stronger than ever and truly define ‘Being Polarcus’.In this Corporate Social Responsibility report we aim to bring the Polarcus Core Values to life to the external world.

We invite you to join us as we continue the Polarcus journey guided by our Core Values.


“We never forget that our business is about imaging tomorrow’s energy, responsibly and efficiently, for the benefit of everyone in the world community“









Responsibility: we dig into the Polarcus Explore Green™ agenda to demonstrate just how far Polarcus has gone to pioneer environmental leadership in our industry, in addition to delivering unwavering focus on safety, security, business ethics and contributing to the communities in which we work and live.


Innovation: the unique design and functionality of Polarcus vessels have been differentiating features of the Company from the outset. Our innovative approach has continued, and has evolved further, through exciting new mechanical, maritime and geophysical initiatives. Such initiatives have enabled Polarcus to continuously challenge and re-define the norms of our industry.


Excellence: here we focus on the glue that holds everything together - our people. Attracting, developing and engaging our highly talented workforce enables us to deliver our industry-leading performance and maintain our safety, operational and geophysical excellence.









Corporate Social Responsibility 


At Polarcus, Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") is embedded in the Company Vision and Values as well as in our Commitments. The Company reports annually on CSR. This report describes how we comply with our vision, core values, and commitments at every level of our business.









Polarcus' Explore Green™ agenda provides the framework for responsible exploration on our journey to turn vision into reality. Explore Green™ is central to our culture of Being Polarcus.


Emissions Measuring Monitoring and Reporting


In support of our vision, we have a DNV GL certified emissions monitoring and measuring tool. The DNV GL statement certifies the methodology and accuracy of our vessel airborne emission measurements. This verifies our ability to model the predicted exhaust emissions footprint for any project, then perform post-project analysis and reporting against the actual emissions measurements. For each project, an Emissions Certificate is produced and made available to our clients for their use in scope three Green House Gas (“GHG”) emissions reporting.

To further increase awareness and promote transparency of environmental impact in our industry, we are committed to regularly disclose our total airborne emissions. Every quarter in our financial reporting we report on our “GHG” emissions. All “GHG” emissions are well below IMO regulations.



SOx Emissions

Sulfur oxides (“SOx”) is the generic term for a group of highly reactive gasses containing sulfur and oxygen. SOx are produced during the combustion of hydrocarbons and are toxic gasses which contribute to the formation of acid rain.

Sulfur Oxides are respiratory irritants, which can harm crops and trees, and corrode metal. In combustion emissions, the SOx content is directly proportional to the type and quality of fuel being used. The best way to minimize SOx emissions in vessel exhaust is to start with the cleanest fuel possible.

We are the ONLY seismic contractor committed to using low sulfur content MGO throughout all of our operations.

NOx Emissions

Nitrogen oxides (“NOx”) are produced during the combustion of hydrocarbons. They are the key ingredients in ground-level ozone or smog and are precursors to the formation of acid rain.

Nitrogen dioxide (“NO2”) is a major ozone depleting greenhouse gas that has ~ 300 times more impact per unit weight than carbon dioxide (“CO2”).

The SCR technology installed and operated on all of our vessels reduced our fleet-wide Nitrogen Oxides emissions by 17% in 2016. An HFO-consuming 12-streamer vessel produces 2.3 tonnes of NOx daily. The average NOX emitted by each Polarcus vessel is less than 20% of this amount.

We are the ONLY seismic contractor committed to monitoring and reducing our global NOx emissions.







Caring for our People


Monitoring safety, security, and health conditions across our areas of operation, and in all Polarcus support locations, is the key to protecting the wellbeing of our people and mitigating risk. With more than three and a half million exposure hours for our field crew in 2016, a strict focus on colleague care was paramount to retain a leading position in safety. Multiple safety campaigns were carried out in 2016 focusing on different areas of risk and identifying opportunities to mitigate potential threats to safety.



Read more about our EHSQ








We strive to continually change and improve our industry through innovation. Through innovation we aim to make our offerings more competitive through improved quality and efficiencies. By staying true to our Core Values we have been able to recognize additional benefits through innovation such as:

  • Raising client awareness of vessel emissions and environmental impact in the tender review process through the innovative Explore Green™ agenda
  • Driving improved towing capability of our vessels in combination with reduced fuel consumption through our innovative approach to drag reduction across our fleet
  • Providing clients with a vastly improved combination of acquisition efficiency in combination with data imaging quality through our innovative XArray™ acquisition technique which has driven a significant number of contract awards during 2016
  • Delivering tangible value to our clients for their exploration cycles by providing high quality on-board processing products directly from our vessels within very short timelines through our innovative Priority Processing initiative that we have developed in combination with DownUnder GeoSolutions.







In a tight market, with aggressive competition, the focus on excellence becomes all the more important. Despite another challenging year in the industry, our people have excelled once again – delivering outstanding safety, operational and geophysical performance on our vessels; bringing innovative technology solutions to the market; strengthening our relationships with our clients, partners and communities in our regions; and providing solid operational, technical and functional support from our centralized hub in Dubai.