Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Polarcus, Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") is embedded in the Company Vision and Values as well as in our Commitments. The Company reports annually on CSR. This report describes how we comply with our vision, core values, and commitments at every level of our business.






Staying true to our values


Our vision at Polarcus is to be a pioneer in an industry where the frontiers of seismic exploration are responsibly expanded without harm to our world. We believe this is central to the continued successful conduct of our business and furthermore defines the very essence of our company, what we call ‘Being Polarcus’.

We have had an incredible 2015. In spite of the seismic industry experiencing its most difficult time in history, our dedicated employees have rallied to today’s challenges, and despite these current market conditions, we have not lost focus on what is important. Polarcus was founded on three core values; Responsibility, Innovation and Excellence, and these values are what keeps us progressing.

Throughout 2015 Polarcus has continued to deliver responsible exploration to its many clients, and with an unparalleled environmental performance and our commitment, we are leading the industry responsibly.

In this corporate social responsibility report you will read about our commitments to our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and to the communities amongst whom we live and work.

We show how we demonstrate our values in practice, and how we strive earnestly each and every day to deliver on our vision. We will continue to focus on delivering even greater excellence in the years ahead. We never forget that our business is about imaging tomorrow’s energy, responsibly and efficiently, for the benefit of everyone in the world community.



Download Polarcus 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report