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geophysical service

We are a focused geophysical service provider offering greener and safer marine acquisition services from pole to pole. Our geophysical offering is driven by innovation and collaboration to provide you with better seismic data faster.

Explore Smarter™


To be a pioneer in an industry where the frontiers of seismic exploration are responsibly expanded without harm to our world.

To achieve this vision we are committed to applying both maritime and seismic technologies in innovative ways, and have set ourselves an environmental agenda that aims to minimize our environmental footprint through a combination of improved efficiency, recycling and emissions indexing

We have invested in the latest new-build vessel designs and technologically advanced seismic and navigation systems to ensure that our seismic fleet meets the current and future needs of the industry. We believe that our operations are among the cleanest in the offshore seismic industry, and capable of working in the broadest range of operating environments.


One of our key strengths is our people. We recruit the highest talent into our company, and we are committed to implementing the latest industry lessons learned around crew welfare, health, safety, security, and general well-being to protect and retain our workforce.

Our goal is to deliver superior performance and shareholder value in marine acquisition services while demonstrating leadership in environmental responsibility. Our Core Values are the foundation to our success, and we seek to build on these by attracting the best industry talent to join us.

Responsibility | Innovation | Excellence 

2023 Strategy

Create superior value for our stakeholders through responsible marine acquisition services and geophysical solutions driven by
innovation and industry collaboration.