RightFLOW™ Solutions

Advanced Seismic Solutions for Reducing Exploration Costs



Time is money and in a fast moving world the pressure to take quick and accurate decisions on key exploration milestones is greater than ever. To help clients cut exploration time, reduce costs, and mitigate drilling risk Polarcus offers RightFLOW™, a unique approach that will seamlessly integrate and accelerate every step of the seismic data acquisition and processing workflow, from the initial survey design through to the delivery of final data and interpretation products, tailoring the workflow for any given geologic and geophysical environment.

The result will enable clients to make better informed decisions about potential well commitments earlier in the exploration cycle.
















The RightFLOW™ offering, the result of a data processing collaboration between Polarcus and DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG), can be structured in different ways to suit individual client requirements. For example, comprehensive onboard acquisition QC followed by full onshore processing; ultra-fast advanced onboard 3D processing with Priority Processing followed by a more complex onshore processing sequence; or a combined offshore / onshore flow that passes an onboard processed intermediate dataset to a DUG onshore processing center for more sophisticated multi-channel noise attenuation, velocity analysis, regularization, and time and/or depth imaging. The exact balance of offshore and onshore efforts tailored to provide exactly the right product deliverables in exactly the right time frame.