Priority Processing




Priority onboard


The Priority Processing service that we offer our clients means that they are able to use the data that we deliver straight from our vessel to accurately assess geological potential and can cut back on extremely expensive decision making time. For them to have a ready to interpret Priority Processing data volume whilst acquisition progresses means that the project becomes more focused, can be adapted to the data and brings optimized value for money.








What are the benefits of Priority Processing?


  • Data processing quality control on the fly allowing quick testing of parameters
  • Software compute modules designed to utilize multi-core Intel Phi co-processors
  • Processing steps that used to require weeks to run onboard can be completed within days
  • Ready to interpret data volume delivered straight from the vessel
  • Core of the seamless RightFlow process which unites Pre-STM onboard to Pre-SDM onshore








87,500 of Priority Processed seismic data delivered!