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Polarcus Cirrus™ provides near real-time access to seismic survey data during the acquisition phase. Enabling onshore overview of quality control and access to high fidelity seismic data, allowing project decisions to be made faster.

With Cloud Data Streaming, 3D seismic data can be transferred to the Cirrus Priority Processing Cloud, delivering interpretable seismic data in a fraction of the time for conventional workflows.

Cirrus™ shortens the exploration cycle by bringing clients closer to the seismic data, enabling optimal exploration decisions to be made faster.

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Near real-time access to seismic data and exascale compute capability


Access to advanced processing features and algorithms


128-bit encrypted connection to private dedicated processing environment

Data transfer from vessel to cloud

During a recent field trial, Polarcus has demonstrated a transmission efficiency of 95% over the 25 Mbps allocated bandwidth with an average transmission rate of 200 GB per day. The technology suite used allowed the streaming of full fidelity seismic data to the cloud within 24hrs of acquisition. The analysis comparing the data processing results on raw data against the streamed data showed that no loss in data quality has been recorded.
With this capability, clients will be able to access their seismic data in the standard SEGY format thereby accelerating the exploration phase by reducing the turnaround time from acquisition to interpretation significantly.

Priority Processing in the cloud

Polarcus has successfully completed a Priority Processing project with DUG McCloud in Q1-Q2 2019. The shallow water XArray™ Penta Source survey that was acquired and processed, posed several challenges associated with surface and interbed multiples. We leveraged the scalability of the cloud infrastructure to perform a sophisticated de-multiple workflow along with 4D regularization and high-resolution pre-stack time migration to meet client objectives in a very short time frame.

The cloud data stream technology used coupled with the scalability and power of DUG’s cloud compute opens a whole new world for Priority Processing. Previously inaccessible steps like wave equation based de-blend, full aperture 3D SRME and shallow water de-multiple, 4D & 5D regularization, and high-resolution imaging are all now available as part of the Polarcus cloud workflows. Clients will benefit from reduced interpretation timelines and gain insights into their asset as early as 2-3 weeks after the last shot point without compromising on quality.