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These high quality projects have been acquired through the application of professional project management to the design, planning, and execution of the surveys, from inception through to final data products.

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The Polarcus Data Library

Cygnus Vulcan Sub-Basin 3D


The data covers AC17-2, AC/P-21 and AC/P63, available for viewing now and provides unprecedented imaging across the Swan Graben, highlighting previously unseen and untested sand bodies within open acreage.

Zenaide Bonaparte Basin


The 2,850 sq. km Zenaide XArray™ multi-client 3D survey is located at the western margin of the Petrel Sub-Basin against the Londonderry High. The Petrel Sub-Basin, part of the Bonaparte Basin, is a proven Paleozoic hydrocarbon province which contains numerous discoveries.



The 1,600 sq. km Multi-Azimuth 3D Survey over Block BM-S-50 and adjacent open acreage in the prolific Santos Basin, offshore Brazil. The survey covers the Sagitario pre-salt prospect which has confirmed excellent carbonate reservoirs and bearing good quality oil at a depth of 6,144m.

Pará-Maranhão Basin


The 1,400 sq. km Multi-Client 3D Survey is located over Blocks PAMA-M-265 and PAMA-M-337 in the Pará-Maranhão Basin, offshore Brazil. The basin offers exciting exploration opportunities analogous to those chased, proven and produced in the conjugate basin in Ghana.

Deepwater Renaissance 3D


The 11,000 sq. km of modern 3D seismic data, covering large tracts of some of the most prospective deepwater areas off the Western Niger Delta.