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Maximize the value of your seismic survey through hybrid seismic solutions that combine streamer and nodes to get the best value possible. Together with market-leading productivity and vessel efficiency, Polarcus provides a cost and time effective hybrid-seismic response to your E&P challenges.

Polarcus offers truly unconstrained geometry, improved access for data coverage below obstructions and in shallow water, and further improves on the market-leading XArray multi-source solution.

This is achieved through recording the source effort of streamer surveys on dedicated Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) patches, or acquiring a complementary OBN dataset in areas normally inaccessible by standard seismic vessels.

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First hybrid project complete!

Polarcus’ first hybrid, streamer + node project was completed earlier this year in the Middle East. The survey was carried out in a very challenging project environment, comprising of shallow water areas, five active fields and over 70 platforms.

Working with a third-party node provider, Polarcus leaned on its strong operational experience to develop and plan an efficient project comprising 1,200 sq.km of UHD XArray™ Penta Source data and 45 sq.km of node data.

The combination of towed streamer acquisition for the greater area and ocean bottom nodes for the areas of particular interest and more restricted access provided the client with a complete coverage of the subsurface at a lower cost without compromising on data quality.