Explore 4D

Polarcus has extensive experience in conducting standard 4D repeat projects for optimal reservoir evaluation. Utilizing advanced steering systems for vessel, source and receiver combined with real-time QC, the repeatability of the existing baseline is optimized. The data can be used to locate unproduced oil and gas, increasing the efficiency of existing wells, and reducing the need for additional wells and drilling.

Set a new baseline

Instead of simply repeating the old baseline survey, Polarcus offers XArray™ 4D which retains the 4D repeat sub-set of the baseline for analysis. At the same time, it upgrades your baseline with a much higher density data set.

With the use of multiple sources, two sources can be placed in the same position as the legacy baseline sources with any additional sources creating a new increased quality 3D dataset. Any additional shot-receiver pairs can be used to improve 4D repeatability.