More Real Data

XArray™ is the innovative acquisition configuration developed by Polarcus to deliver superior un-interpolated data by making full use of today’s larger streamer spreads configured with multiple seismic sources.

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Improved efficiency

Using multiple sources to increase cross-line sampling density for any streamer separation, giving you more seismic data per sail line.

Improved data quality

Adding multiple sources to your streamer spread and acquire overlapping shots, will increase both in-line and cross-line data quality.

Reduced exposure

Multiple sources allow you to acquire more seismic data faster using less in-sea equipment, reducing exposure to both crew and environment.

Tailored Acquisition

XArray™ configurations provide both improved in-line shot intervals and cross-line bin density on any streamer separation and can therefore tailor the acquisition to provide higher fold data, increase cross line sampling and/or improve acquisition efficiency.

This is achieved through the use of multiple sources, continuous data recording and ‘deblending’ algorithms to separate energy from overlapping shots. Each project-specific solution is developed by the survey design team in response to environmental, geophysical and operational constraints giving you More Real Data.

XArray™ Triple Source

XArray Triple Source will produce the same cross line density and the same efficiency as a conventional dual source configuration, with 33% less equipment in the water. This will reduce the operational exposure for our crew as a significantly reduced CAPEX exposure.

Less equipment deployed in the water