Top 20 Shareholders

Polarcus updates the list of 20 top shareholders on a monthly basis, in line with the recommendation of the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for Investor Relations. The list is provided by the Company’s Registrar; the shareholder name listed is that of the legal owner of the shares which may be different to the beneficial owner of the shares. The legal owner may hold shares on behalf of more than one beneficial owner.

Top shareholders as of 2020-01-03
  Name Holding % Type of account
1J.P. Morgan Securities Plc146,666,99428.00%Nominee
2Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.32,940,6676.00%Nominee
3ZICKERMAN GROUP LTD24,871,8604.00%Ordinary
4NORDNET LIVSFORSIKRING AS22,126,0754.00%Ordinary
5INAK 3 AS14,500,0002.00%Ordinary
6ALTO HOLDING AS11,907,0192.00%Ordinary
7GSH2 SEISMIC CARRIER I AS11,892,3042.00%Ordinary
8NORTH ENERGY ASA11,378,8442.00%Ordinary
9KRISTIAN FALNES AS11,350,0002.00%Ordinary
10State Street Bank and Trust Comp10,859,6062.00%Nominee
11ZICKERMAN HOLDING LTD10,053,5411.00%Ordinary
12VERDIPAPIRFONDET DNB SMB7,964,8191.00%Ordinary
14Nordnet Bank AB5,695,1661.00%Nominee
16CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A.4,592,3950.00%Nominee
17TTC INVEST AS4,490,8600.00%Ordinary
18Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC4,446,8030.00%Nominee
20TOLUMA NORDEN AS3,500,0000.00%Ordinary
 Top 20 shareholders353,767,27768.85% 
 Other shareholders160,019,43631.15%