Australia Capreolus Roebuck Basin 3D

Polarcus have available for licensing over 22,000 sq. km of RightBAND multi-client 3D seismic data across part of the Roebuck and Northern Carnarvon Basins, offshore North-West Shelf, Australia.

The high resolution broadband 3D seismic data was acquired in collaboration with DownUnder GeoSolutions, and includes coverage over the Phoenix South-1X oil field discovery, which was made in an area which, at the time, was assumed to be gas prone. This oil discovery has opened up a new oil-prone fairway within one of the few remaining underexplored areas of the North-West Shelf. The successful flow test of the Roc-2 well from the Triassic Caley Formation has also provided further evidence of the prospectivity of the area. The new data enables reduced risk and play-based exploration targeting Triassic and Jurassic structural and stratigraphic targets.

The survey was acquired over an eleven-month period by the Polarcus Asima, Polarcus Amani and Polarcus Naila in 12 x 100m x 8100/9000m configurations, with a 12.5m flip/flop dual source shot interval and a 12s record length, providing an unparalleled 162 to 180 fold of coverage. Data processing, which was carried out at DownUnder GeoSolutions Perth processing centre, was completed five months ahead of schedule, using the DownUnder GeoSolutions broadband Anisotropic Pre-SDM workflow.
                                                                                        North Carnarvon to Bedout Sub-basin 

Interpretation Study

An interpretation study covering the entire survey is also available, completed by Clearview Oil and Gas Pty Ltd in collaboration with Polarcus and DownUnder GeoSolutions. The study provides a detailed overview of the geology and prospectivity across the entire Capreolus dataset, from the North Carnarvon Basin across the Thouin Graben into the Bedout Sub-Basin. The report has highlighted a number of new and emerging plays; this is a result of regional review, mapping of key structural and stratigraphic elements, migration modelling and an interrogation of the seismic data, including the gathers, for the presence of DHI’s, several of which are illustrated in the report. The report includes the time and depth seismic picks along with key faults and a well database of tops and picks. Further geochemical modeling work is included, both in the form of maps in the report and as a Trinity (Zetaware) project.







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Polarcus Amani, Polarcus Asima, Polarcus Naila
Acquisition Year
12 x 100m x 8100/9000m

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