Australia Zenaide Bonaparte Basin

New Pre-STM Data Now Complete


The 2,850 sq. km Zenaide XArray™ multi-client 3D survey is located at the western margin of the Petrel Sub-Basin against the Londonderry High. The Petrel Sub-Basin, part of the Bonaparte Basin, is a proven Paleozoic hydrocarbon province which contains numerous discoveries.

The survey area is highly prospective, with Eni’s Blacktip gas project as well as the Petrel, Tern and Frigate fields to the east and the Prometheus and Rubicon fields to the west. The area is well placed to provide natural gas east to Darwin or west and south to supply LNG projects offshore eastern Australia.
The survey was acquired in water depths of less than 100m over part of WA-522-P, the permit being a re-release of W14-1 from the 2014 gazettal round. Previously available data across the permit consists of vintage 2D seismic data only. The area contains untapped exploration potential which has only been tested to date by one well, Torrens-1, which contained oil and gas shows throughout. The main plays are expected to be the Carboniferous Kurriyippi Formation, the Lower Permian Keyling Formation and the Upper Permian Hyland Bay Formation. The area offers a range of play types including horst blocks and rotated fault blocks, as well as inversion-related anticlines. Stratigraphic traps are represented by pinch-outs and truncations across unconformities.

Polarcus completed acquisition of this new survey in April 2018 using the Polarcus Naila in a 10 x 150m x 6000m configuration with a 12.5m Triple Source shot interval and continuous recording. A step change improvement in imaging has delivered superior seismic data quality by a combination of a pioneering survey design with an innovative acquisition technique. The new acquisition utilised more shots, with a narrower cross line bin size and longer offsets than available legacy data, this, and the use of RightBAND deghosting to increase the low frequency resolution is delivering optimum imaging to allow better understanding of the area not previously possible.

The data is being processed by DownUnder GeoSolutions in their Perth data centre through a high-specification, broadband, Pre-SDM sequence, which includes Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) as well as deblending, deghosting and advanced methods of addressing shallow water multiples.

The final processed Pre-SDM data will be available for viewing in Q4 2018 with a final Pre-STM dataset now available.

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Australia Zenaide Datasheet

Project Description

Polarcus Naila
Acquisition Year
Seismic Configuration
10 x 150m 6000m
Program Size
2,850 sq. km
Shot Point Interval
12.5m (Triple Source)
Record Length

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