Brazil BM-S-50

We are pleased to announce the availability for licensing of a new 1,600 sq. km Multi-Azimuth Multi-Client 3D Survey over Block BM-S-50 and adjacent open acreage in the prolific Santos Basin, offshore Brazil.


The survey covers the Sagitario pre-salt prospect, on which Petrobras and partners completed a formation test in 2014 that confirmed excellent carbonate reservoirs (159m thick) and bearing good quality oil (32 degree API) at a depth of 6,144m, and also extends into the adjacent open acreage, allowing companies to further derisk the full pre-salt prospectivity of the surrounding area prior the expected 2017 licensing round.

Exploration targets can be found in both the Post and Pre-Salt sequences. These are:

  • Post-Salt: structural carbonate prospects (Albian limestones), or deep-water clastic plays in the Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary with a possible combination of structural and stratigraphic trapping.
  • Pre-Salt: in the rift and prerift sequence there is the possibility of subtle clastic reservoirs in the Paleozoic to the Lower Cretaceous section, and in the sag section, large structural features that might contain the excellent microbialite carbonates found in Sagitario and in the nearby Carcará field.

This dual-azimuth survey was acquired by Polarcus Adira in 12 x 75m x 8100m configuration, with 25m flip/flop shot interval and 10.5s record length. Data processing through a broadband PreSTM/PreSDM workflow is underway, with Pre-STM data already available and final Multi-Azimuth PSDM deliverables in Q1 2018. 

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Brazil BM-S-50 Datasheet
BM-S-50 Article - GeoExpro no.6 2017

Project Description

Polarcus Adira
Acquisition Year
12 x 75m x 8100m
Shot interval
25m flip/flop
Record length
PreSTM available
Q1 2017
PreSDM available
Q1 2018

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David Contreras Polarcus
+44 1293 804 761