Brazil Pará-Maranhão Basin

The 1,400 sq. km Multi-Client 3D Survey is located over Blocks PAMA-M-265 and PAMA-M-337 in the Pará-Maranhão Basin, offshore Brazil. The basin offers exciting exploration opportunities analogous to those chased, proven and produced in the conjugate basin in Ghana. 

The main exploration targets in the Pará-Maranhão Basin are both structural and stratigraphic and include Late Aptian to Early Albian fluvio-deltaic sandstones, Upper and Lower Cretaceous turbidites, Paleogene fractured calcarenites and dolomites, and Oligocene turbidites. Prospects have similar characteristics to those in the Foz do Amazonas region, albeit with a different structural style, and mixed, structural, and stratigraphic accumulations are expected. Nearby wells encountered sub-commercial oil deposits proving a working hydrocarbon system and highlighting the light oil petroleum potential of this part of the Brazilian Equatorial Margin.

The survey was acquired by Polarcus Alima in 12 x 100m x 8100m configuration, with 25m flip/flop shot interval and 10s record length. Data processing through a broadband Pre-SDM workflow is complete and final PSDM data is now available.

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Brazil PAMA Datasheet

Project Description

Polarcus Alima
Acquisition Year
Seismic Configuration
12 x 100m x 8100m
Program Size
1,354 sq. km
Shot Point Interval
25m (Flip-Flop)
Record Length
10200 mSecs

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