Polarcus receives first-ever Level 1 Triple-E™ rating

by polarcus on 28-Nov-12 06:32
Polarcus has today received the world’s first-ever DNV Level 1 Triple-E™ rating. The official declaration was handed over to Polarcus CEO, Rolf Rønningen, and Polarcus SVP Marine Acquisition, Duncan Eley, by DNV during a  client seminar held in Stavanger, Norway on 28 November 2012.  

Triple-E™ is a voluntary environmental rating scheme for ships with a rating from Level 4 to Level 1, where 1 is the highest. To achieve Level 1, all levels must be complied with and there are areas of compliance within management, operation and design. The rating is based on a verification of a ship’s actual energy efficiency and environmental performance, carried out by an independent third party. This gives a transparent and detailed view of the company and vessel performance and associated standards. Fundamental key elements evaluated include:
  • Environmental management systems in place and implemented
  • Energy efficient operation as part of policies, action plans and daily operations
  • Energy efficient ship design
  • Verifiable monitoring, measurements and documentation schemes
"We are impressed by the structured approach Polarcus has taken to implement all identified environmental and energy efficiency tasks across their fleet. The company management has been supporting the process all the way. This has given proven results in terms of improved company performance and energy efficient ship operations” says Petter Andersen, Triple-E™ Product Manager, DNV.

The Triple-E™ rating enables Polarcus to demonstrate the company's environmental responsibility and showcase its energy efficient operations, underscoring the company's pioneering environmental agenda.

Polarcus CEO Rolf Rønningen comments, "We are firm believers that our Explore Green agenda has strengthened the company’s culture, reduced risks and helped secure strategic contracts in environmentally sensitive sea areas; all substantiating that there is a sustainable business model in being an Environmentally and Energy Efficient company. This is where the DNV Triple-E™ rating works as a tangible measurement for both the vessel operator as well as client.".

Triple-E™ is designed to demonstrate active environmental management and energy efficient operations and provide clients with an independently auditable emissions measuring tool.