Double naming ceremony

Polarcus Limited (OAX: PLCS) held a double naming ceremony on 24 November 2009 for Polarcus Nadia and Polarcus Naila. The ceremony, at the Drydocks World – Dubai shipyard in the United Arab Emirates, was attended by over 200 local and international guests.  


Both are modern, purpose-built 3D seismic vessels incorporating the ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull along with many advanced features and maritime technologies for minimizing the vessels environmental footprint including the risk of accidental pollution into the marine environment. With a top speed of 15 knots, the identical vessels have an overall length of 88.8m, a beam of 19m, and are capable of deploying 12 streamers of 8,000m length. 


Polarcus Nadia, derived from the Arabic female name meaning ‘the beginning, first', successfully completed sea trials immediately prior to the ceremony and will mobilize in December on her first contract with TGS, for a 2,000 km2 long-offset 3D survey offshore West Africa. Polarcus Naila, whose name means ‘acquirer, the one who succeeds’, is scheduled to mobilize in February to undertake her first contract, of approximately two months duration, for a leading independent oil company offshore West Africa.


In his welcome speech, Rolf Ronningen, CEO Polarcus, expressed his gratitude to the shipyard and to everyone involved in the project, before commenting: “This is truly the most exciting and memorable day so far in our relatively short history. We are now reaping the fruits of the goals we set ourselves early last year, as we prepare for operations of some of the most advanced seismic vessels in the industry.” 


Mia Zickerman, wife of Polarcus director and Executive Vice President Peter Zickerman, delivered the blessing and assumed the role of Godmother to Polarcus Nadia by successfully breaking a bottle of champagne against the bow of the vessel.


Marianne Zickerman, wife of Polarcus founder and director, Charlie Zickerman, similarly assumed the role of Godmother to Polarcus Naila. After the naming the guests were taken on a tour of Polarcus Nadia. 




Rolf Ronningen, CEO Polarcus, +971 4 436 0800 / +971 50 459 6982

Tom Henrik Sundby, CFO Polarcus, +971 4 436 0800 / +971 50 708 6480 


About Polarcus


Polarcus is a pure play marine geophysical company with a pioneering environmental agenda, specializing in high-end towed streamer data acquisition from pole to pole. Polarcus is launching a fleet of modern 3D seismic vessels using the innovative ULSTEIN X-BOW® design and incorporating advanced maritime technologies for improved operational efficiency with a reduced environmental footprint. Polarcus offers contract seismic surveys and multi client projects worldwide and has its principal office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information, visit