Launch of Polarcus Naila

The launch of Polarcus Naila took place on the 30 July 2009 at the Drydocks World – Dubai shipyard in the United Arab Emirates.


Polarcus Naila is the second vessel in the Polarcus fleet, purpose built for the high-end 3D marine seismic market and capable of towing up to 12 by 8,000m streamers. The shipbuilding contract for the vessel was signed on the 28 April 2008 and steel cutting commenced on the 8 June 2008. Like her sister ship Polarcus Nadia, launched on the 25 June 2009, Polarcus Naila incorporates many new and innovative design features ranging from the distinctive ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, designed to maximize operational performance and minimize emissions. The sophisticated double hull design also incorporates a range of advanced safety features including a DP 2 dynamic positioning system.


Once in service, Polarcus Naila will be one of the most environmentally friendly and technologically sophisticated marine seismic vessels in the market, providing advanced 3D towed marine seismic services worldwide to the oil and gas industry.


Fit out of the vessel will continue at Drydocks World – Dubai after launch with the naming ceremony and delivery scheduled for Q4 2009.  


About Polarcus


Polarcus is a pure play marine geophysical company with a pioneering environmental agenda, specializing in high-end towed streamer data acquisition from pole to pole. Polarcus is launching an ultra-modern fleet of initially 6 advanced seismic vessels designed by Norway's Ulstein Design AS incorporating the innovative ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull. The vessels are being built in Dubai, UAE, by Drydocks World – Dubai LLC, with the first vessels becoming operational in 2009.