Polarcus Arctic operating procedures qualified by DNV

Polarcus Limited (OAX: PLCS) is pleased to announce that the Company has today received a Statement of Qualification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to qualify Polarcus' Arctic operating procedures according to industry best practice and relevant standards. The Statement of Qualification was presented to Polarcus at the 7th Annual Arctic Shipping Summit in Helsinki, Finland.
The Arctic poses demanding challenges to marine seismic operations. Environmental conditions stress the ship, equipment and crew, limit the window for seismic operations, and pose dangers to in-water seismic equipment. To mitigate these risks in order to safeguard life, property and the environment, Polarcus, with assistance from DNV, has developed a wide-ranging set of Arctic-specific operating procedures.
Commenting on the achievement, Rolf Rønningen, CEO Polarcus, said: "We believe that the environmental, health and safety concerns associated with working in the Arctic demand the very highest level of commitment from companies operating in this pristine and often challenging frontier. Consequently we have collaborated with DNV over the past year to develop a comprehensive set of Arctic procedures to cater for the unique hazards associated with operating a seismic vessel in these waters. We are very proud therefore to receive this Statement of Qualification today from such a prestigious organization as DNV."
Christian Fjell, DNV Project Manager said: "Polarcus' active cooperation and input provided early on in the project was extremely helpful in aligning our thoughts and objectives. Our team of experts assessed the completeness and quality of Polarcus' Arctic operating procedures, internally designed by their team, and DNV proposed areas of improvement based on applicable conventions, regulations and standards. This project has certainly been mutually rewarding as Polarcus was able to provide significant input and reflections on our own suggestions based on their existing in-house competence in this field."
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