Polarcus redefining exploration efficiency and data quality

Polarcus recently completed its first commercial project offshore Australia utilizing the revolutionary XArray(TM) in a five source configuration known as Penta source. With XArray(TM) Penta source we are achieving unparalleled data density at 6.25m cross-line sampling from real un-interpolated data. 

Polarcus XArray(TM) is an innovative acquisition configuration developed by Polarcus to deliver superior data quality and make full use of today’s larger streamer spreads. XArray(TM) improves both in-line shots by 100% – 250% and cross-line bin density by up to 400% on any streamer separation and can therefore be tailored to provide higher fold data and/or improved acquisition efficiency by up to 50%. 

Commenting on this announcement, Duncan Eley, COO Polarcus: “We are incredibly pleased with the results of this first commercial project with our new XArray(TM) offering, we have been able to deliver unsurpassed data quality to our client in a very cost effective manner. This innovative solution enables us to deliver improved data density with less vessel passes per survey area and in some cases with less streamers in the water all of which minimizes the operational exposure for our crew as well as the exposure to our environment.”


Cameron Astill, SVP Asia Pacific


For more information on Polarcus XArray(TM) visit our website, or follow us on  Twitter (@Polarcus) and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/Polarcus).  


This project forms part of the Company’s existing backlog that has been previously announced through the Oslo Stock Exchange