How do I submit my CV?

If you’ve seen a vacancy on our website that interests you, you should submit your CV or resume through our Careers Centre. If you need help with preparing a CV, there are many excellent resources available via the internet on writing effective resumes. All applications should be in English and it will help your application if your CV relates specifically to the position you are applying for.

Is life on board your vessels any different from other seismic companies?

We believe so! Not only are our vessels all ultra-modern new builds, but they are leading the way in terms of both technology and comfort. The unique ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull design offers significantly improved passage alongside reduced noise and vibration levels throughout the ship, setting new standards for crew safety and comfort on-duty and off-duty.

Is the environmental agenda simply marketing?

Absolutely not! The founders of our company, conscious of the impact that fossil fuels have on the environment, wanted to establish a responsible service company that would do its utmost to operate projects in a sustainable manner. Throughout the design process of the vessels, every effort was taken to find and implement a range of solutions that will minimize our environmental footprint; from the fitting of exhaust catalysts that will significantly reduce our emissions to air, through to the selection of solid streamer technology. And the focus is not just offshore. Throughout our company policies and procedures that are implemented both offshore and onshore, we are pursuing several pioneering green initiatives. Our employees take pride in compliance with environmental standards and continually look for ways to improve and develop working practices to protect the environment.

What training and development will I receive?

At Polarcus, the continuous development of our employees is an important component of our ethos, Being Polarcus. We strive to support training programs that will both motivate you and develop your capabilities, enabling you to take more control of your career development while also contributing to the growth of our company.

Are you employing maritime crew?

Yes. Polarcus operates a fully unified, safe and efficient workforce on the vessels and for that reason both the seismic crew and maritime officers are employed directly by the company and are supported by a combined maritime and seismic management team in the Dubai office.

What would my remuneration package consist of?

To attract the best talent from the worldwide workforce, we have created a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, including a competitive salary and excellent health insurance. We understand individuals growing concerns about providing for a comfortable retirement and so we have selected a series of competitive company saving schemes. More information is available from our HR department.

Is there a minimum age for people that work for Polarcus?

Our Policy is not to recruit anyone who is below the age of 18 years at the time they commence employment with the Company. This applies to both office-based positions and offshore positions.